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    Notification system using timer event subcription

    Hi all

    I have a datatable where devices are stored , i'am building a notification system where when device goes online  it will send a notification email similarly for when device went offline . The issue is the email should be send after xx minutes i.e a delay say 15 min or more  for different devices have different delay. To do this i have subcribed to timer event and timer runs for every 1 min .


    So i have acheived the delay as nowtime >=time device went online/offline + (15 minutes delay) . when email is beingsent i'am updating some flags that this device is notified or not for online/offline . Issue here is i get notified but sometimes i got multiple notications (rare case). Is this a feasible solution for this or i should go for db instead.My datatable list isn't that big so i prefered at TW Side .

      Any thoughts on this highly appreciated.