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    rvedula Newbie

    AndroidDevice Mashup - Not working


    I did whats been documented in the PDF file step by step.


    I am using ping dtudk.cloud.thingworx.com and getting as IP Address and thats what i am using in the phone.

    Also I made sure the following:

    Uncheck the Filter Content-Type in Configuration of platform Subsystems.

    Allow request method switch is checked.


    Verified the Keys and they are the same.

    When i press the button send data I get the error Connection Error, Check IP, Thing Name or App key


    I need to make sure this is working so that I can demo this to my FTC team.


    Appreciate a quick response.



    FTCTEAM 11142

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        aanjan Heavyweight Champ

        Ram, I see you've added the IP but didn't include the port details on that, so please try adding 'ip:port' on that section. On a side note, the ip address on the screenshot looks to be different from the one you have on the capture. Is that a different instance?

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            rvedula Newbie

            Hi Aanjan,

            I used the port 8080 and I still not getting the result. I was a bit confused on your second part of the note.


            The screen shot is from the 30 Day Trial Foundation Server.


            Do I need to use this IP address on my phone? I was using the IP address from (ping dtudk.cloud.thingworx.com) which was mentioned in the tutorial?


            Please let me know.