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    How to check result of property  from GetImplementingThingsWithData

    Hi everyone,


    I have multiple things which are based on a ThingTemplate. I use GetImplementingThingsWithData to get all the values of one property (state) of all implementing things. Now I want to check if the values of the property have changed. If they have changed I want to trigger an event which can be used to invoke a service that updates a widget.


    I tried to achieve this with:


    a) Validator and its true-event

    This is not working because I cannot handle the list of booleans in the expression.


    b) Write a custom service which checks the input and emits an event.

    I don't know how to use the custom event to update a widget by invoking another service in the mashupbuilder.


    It would be really nice if someone can give me a hint.