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    Navigate to another mashups by clicking on markers on Google Map widget.

    Hello all,


    I am trying to work with the Google map widget. I have 20 locations(say Loc_1- Loc_20). Out of 20locations I am pointing 10 in my map to showcase some emergency alerts. I have 20 mashups (mashup1-mashup20) as well for the corresponding locations data. I am able to redirect to the mashup by clicking on the marker on the map.


    So, I am facing an issue here. When i am clicking on any marker its redirecting to the same mashup. I am wondering How we can actually bind the location to respective mashup(example: Loc_1 to Mashup1, Loc2 to Mashup2................etc). so that if i click on loc1 it should redirect to mashup1 & if i click on loc2 it should redirect to mashup2.


    Please advice.


    Thanks and Regards,

    Babu Yogesh,