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    How to change a property value according to single user

    Sorry, the question is not very clear:

    In my TW i have multiple user, let's say I have User A and User B and they both can access at the same mashup but each one sees his own things.

    Now, in my mashup I have two overlayed panels (Panel1 and Panel2) which are visible according to a helper thing which has two properties: "viewPan1" and "viewPan2".

    Obvioulsy viewPan1 = !viewPan2 and I have a button on my mashup which toggles them.

    A user may chose if see Panel1 or Panel2 but the problem is that, if UserA set viewPan1=true, when UserB will open the mashup he will be foreced to see Panel1 too even if he wants to see Panel2.

    Is it clear?


    So, in few words: is it possible that a certain property has different values according to the logged user?