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    Error in Windchill Extension

    Hello Experts,



    I am exploring Windchill Extension and got an error message like below while using demo mashup(ptc-search-demo-mashup)


    [context: com.thingworx.webservices.context.HttpExecutionContext@4e398336][message: Execution error in service script [ptc-windchill-demo-thing ExecuteSavedSearch] : Wrapped com.ptc.connected.plm.thingworx.JSONServerException: JSON Server error HTTP 400 Malformed URL: "undefined". Format must be: "classname:idValue"


    production metrix are Windchill 11 M010 , Thingworx 7.2.5  and Extension 1-5(WCTWXExtension-06.11)


    For now, It seems OK on SSO and got this issue on first test just after setting permissions on ptc-windchill-demo-thing. please let me know any bleak trough.


    Many thanks ,