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    [Subscription] Enable Subscription

    Hi guys,


    I try to deploy an application which display the information from a weather station. Currently, I access the data via an API using token & credentials. I have three services, one for get access token, one for have new token with a refresh token and one other to access the data. I need to launch the services at specifics timeloop.


    So I create a subscription to Thingstart event to launch my first service. I also create two others subscriptions which bind two differents timers to launch my services, they are basically disable.


    I want to add at my first subscription (Thingstart event) an enable subscription method to enable my other service when I launch my thing. Badly it don't recognize it :


    "Error processing local event: Execution error in service script [QAI_netatmoConnector ThingStart] : ReferenceError: "QAI_Timer30S" not recognize (ThingStart#5)"

    this is my first subscription:


    // result: JSON

    var result = me.GetAccessToken();



    var params = {

      propertyName: QAI_Timer30S /* STRING */,

      thingName: undefined /* THINGNAME */,

      eventName: Timer /* STRING */






    any idea ?