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    Adding ValueStream to log property values gives HTTPexception from remote thing



    I have a following problem with ValueStream and property logging. I have two thingworx instances that are connected together. One does logging and another one changes propertyvalues. Propertyvalues update fine between instances but when I try to add ValueStream to DevSandboxMonthlyReport to log changed property values I'm starting to get "Wrapped com.thingworx.common.exceptions.GenericHTTPException Cause: null" exception from my remote thingworx. Is there something wrong with this configuration?


    This is my server that should log my properties to ValueStream.



    This is my remote thing that updates propertyvalues once in every minute



    Edit: Could this be Thingworx version problem? Because this setup is working on another platform which version is 6.6.2-b148 and server version is 7.1.0-b484 which does the logging to valuestream. And problem is with a platform that version is 7.2.4-b46.


    6.6.2-b148     ->     7.1.0-b484     logging values from older version to newer works fine

    7.2.4-b46       ->     7.1.0-b484     this gives "Wrapped com.thingworx.common.exceptions.GenericHTTPException Cause: null" exception as soon as you try to add property to be logged in valuestream