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    some topic about microserver

    hello guys, I'm using Microserver 5.3.2, after reading the developer guide, I have following question:

    1 what is lua interpreter vesion LSR using and how to check?

    2 what is the difference between Explicitly-Defined Remote Things and Self-Identifying Remote Things under Gateway Mode? From the function aspect, they seems no difference.

    as the guide says:

    >>You can set up the remote things to “self-identify” with the WS EMS. That is, when the remote things initialize and connect to the WS >>EMS, they send the information that uniquely identifies them to the WS EMS.

    But seems  Explicitly-Defined Remote Things will connect to the WS EMS and send the information uniquely identifies them when initializing.

    3 what is the difference between GateWay mode and non GateWay mode?

    From code aspect, seems the Gateway mode means using virtual thing and bind it to the thingworx platform and non gateway mode just create a connection client to the platform. Is that right?