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    Forough MS Newbie

    How to upload thingworx foundation server (with thingworx.war format) on a linux server?

    hi everyone,

    is anyone here familliar with uploading thingworx foundation server file ( in the format of thingworx.war) on a linux server? the problem is with the file extension which is not acceptable.

    by applying the following procedure (from cpanel.net) though, I was neither be able to deploy the file on the server.


    To deploy a Java WAR package via the command line, perform the following steps:

    1. Upload your Java WAR package to your public_html directory.
    2. Run the unzip filename.war command to extract the package, where filename.war represents the name of your Java WAR package file.
    3. Open the .htaccess file with a text editor and add the following text:
      SetHandler jakarta-servlet
      SetEnv JK_WORKER_NAME ajp13
    4. Save your changes.
    5. Access your Java application with the http://example.com/exampledirectory/examplejavaapplication URL.


      • example.com represents your domain name.
      • exampledirectory represents the Java application's directory.
      • examplejavaapplet represents the Java application's name.





    Any suggestions?