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    How  can I update  the  thing template's properties or  thing shape's  properties by C SDK?

           I  don't  understand  the  thingworx  thing template~~ As  the doc said , ThingWorx things are derived from thing templates.   So, I create a thing with a  template  build by myself . The template own both properties and thing shape with properties.  And , I try  to  update  the  template's  properties  via C SDK function :twApi_PushProperties(TW_THINGTEMPLATES, SDSTemplateName, proplist, -1, FALSE)  to push the properties from my application to the  thingworx platform.


    but  there have some erro like blow  when  my program  running :

    And  there have nothing post to the template properties :

    Can  anyone  tell me the correct way to  update  my  template's properties!!