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    how to use Windchill Extension Api (Query)

    Hi Experties.


    I am trying to use some of API in Windchill extension like Create, AddContents and Query services on WindchillConnector thing but I coundn't get any related document except the simple WCTWXExtension guide which is not enough to understand it.

    Especially, I am trying to use Query service with sort. u guys know any Idea?

    the snippets shows me fallowing script but  i don't know how to fill in the criteria section for sort. 


    var params = {

      containerUfid: undefined /* STRING */,

      criteria: navigationCriteria /* STRING */,  //  ex name = 'xxx*' & comment = 'xxx*' 

      type: "wt.doc.WTDocument" /* STRING */,

      dataShape: "Document Data Shape" /* DATASHAPENAME */


    var result = me.Query(params);


    please help me or let me know any document that i could read.

    Many Thanks .


    Hee Park.

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        skr Explorer


        I am working on these services. Give the input properties as i did and i think it'll work out fine.

        ----Here the 'containerUfid' is not mandatory. But if you want to narrow your search range you can provide the container ufid (eg: Site or Product containers. Note that container ufid's will have a different input format).

        ----'criteria' can be given as"name = 'partname'" ; "number = 'partnumber'" and so on.

        ----If you need to know about the input for 'type' use 'ListTypes' service to get all the types available.

        ----'datashape' has the field names for the output infotable (You can use 'Create Datashape' service to create datashapes for a particulat da)