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    dbologna Apprentice

    dropdownarrow Entity not found

    Hi All,

    I developed a mashup using the developer/administrator user.
    The Mashup  show many data from Things and Data Tables.
    Now I set  the permissions to the Mashup for a  generic user 'guser'.
    The Mashup used from the generico user  'guser' show many data from Things and Data Tables but
    does not show the arrow (dropDownArrow) of List Widget and the market icon (DeafultMapMarketIcon)
    into googlemap widget.
    Into Monitoring Application I received the following message :

    [context: com.thingworx.webservices.context.HttpExecutionContext@54444f9][message: Entity Not Found : [DefaultMapMarkerIcon]]

    [context: com.thingworx.webservices.context.HttpExecutionContext@1bc2f7fb][message: Entity Not Found : [dropdownArrow]]

    How can I proceed.
    Many Thanks