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    Combining the Thing creation and enabling in using rest API.

    Hello All,


    I am trying out things with Rest API. I am following the link mentioned below ThingWorx REST API Cheat Sheet and http://support.ptc.com/cs/help/thingworx_hc/thingworx_7.0_hc/ .


    1. I have created the thing using the following API

              Method= POST

              http://localhost:8080/Thingworx/Resources/EntityServices/Services/CreateThing , authorization is basic auth, content-type and accept are application/json.

    Json Format:



    "name": "TestThing",





    Response is 200k

          2. I have enabled the thing using the following API

              Method= PUT


                   Response is 200k

          3. I am sending the following properties to the thing

              Method= POST






    "Address":"Bangalore, India",






         In TT_Test_API(which is my template) and have written a service that fetch the data from the json what we are sending.I am able to do all these steps if i do them individually.


            Can we merge all the steps mentioned above and create a consolodated API so that we can Create the thing,Enable the thing & send the data in a single shot???


    Best Regards,

    Babu Yogesh,