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    Creating Table with dynamic data


    I am creating Thing using postman app. Thing inherits the properties from thing template which will inherit thing shape. Properties are updated in newly created thing. I want to update fields in Data table. Each time a thing is created, data should be updated to respective fields of data shape. Can you suggest which data storage i should use.

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        supandey Collaborator

        Hi Isha, do you wish to change the data shape or the data in the data table with the creation of a new thing? If your question is around simply storing the values dynamically then you have to consider if these things are required to record history of values coming in you might as well use Stream/Value Stream, else should work with Data Table which you create on the fly with Data Shape created out of the data you are receiving.


        If you expect incoming data to get fairly large then you might also want to review this blog Where Should I Store My Thingworx Data?

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          pchung Collaborator

          I would recommend setting these Properties to Logged and assign a ValueStream

          If you are only maintaining 1 row of information (last known value) you can get that based on the Properties VTQ, although if you need to store that for historical purposes you will need an accompanying property or store.

          I would recommend just storing it 'flat' ie the DataShape of your store would become: ID, EntityName, PropertyName, PropertyValue (String form), DateTime


          Or store it as a JSON Object.


          This can be done based on a AnyDataChanged event/subscription

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            pchung Collaborator

            What is the purpose for doing this?