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    tponnuchamy Explorer

    IOT devices with thingworx



    I have two IOT devices, Successfully I am able to communicate with my devices. I want to display the devices info & status in UI. I think it's possible to integrate below devices with Thingworx. some one could you guide me for this..


    IOT devices:

    1) Philips hue bridge

    2) XDK sensor gateway (Robert Bosch)



    Thank you...

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        sharmon Creator

        See my suggestions for connecting the Bosch XDK to ThingWorx here.


        Here's a Philips edge connector starter kit from the ThingWorx Marketplace you can use to connect to Philips Hue devices.

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          Ravi Upadhyay Communicator

          Hi @tponnuchamy,

          Are you able to connect your devices with Thingworx server or you are still  facing the issue.

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            tponnuchamy Explorer

            Hi Ravi,


            Now i am trying with Hue Bridge. I am not able to start the PhilipsHueAgent.jar file.


            Thank you.

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                sharmon Creator

                There should be a Philips Hue Edge Connector User Guide in the zip archive you downloaded. Make sure you've configured the connector properly, and that you're meeting the requirements. Here are some highlights:


                • Make sure the Java version in your path is Java 8 by running, "java -version" at the command line. If it's not Java 8, adjust your path or Java home so you're running Java 8 by default.
                • agent.properties configuration:
                  • twx_appKey - Generate an App Key on your ThingWorx instance, and put it in twx_appkey (Security ... Application Keys ... New).
                  • twx_uri - The URI to your ThingWorx instance. Format - ws://{thingworx host}:{port}/Thingworx/WS
                  • hue_base_host - IP address of your Philips Hue Base Station (Philps Hue Edge Connector Version 1.0 User Guide has instructions on how to get this).
                  • hue_user - user ID provided by your base station (Philps Hue Edge Connector Version 1.0 User Guide has instructions on how to get this).
                  • twx_id - What you'd like to call your Philips Hue remote thing, once you're connected to the ThingWorx Platform. You can pick any ID you'd like, but make sure you use the same ID when you create your Remote Thing in ThingWorx later.


                Make sure all of the above is correct. If, "java -jar PhilipsHueAgent.jar", doesn't work after that, please paste the trace from the command window where you run the jar here.

                Philps Hue Edge Connector Version 1.0 User Guide has a lot more detail on the items above, as well as setting up your Remote Thing in ThingWorx.