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    How to setting when transfer file from ThingWorx platform repository to Device running C SDK code?

           My devce using ThingWorx C SDK code and  I can connect to and transfer file from my devce to ThingWorx platform using the function like blow .And it can work normally when I setting the  max_message_size and file_xfer_block_size with appropriate value I want(like blow code).  But whenever I download file from ThingWorx repository to my device with function blow and have same "twcfg" setting, there will meet some error. 


    file  uploading to  thingworx platform function:


    file download from thingworx platform to device running C SDK  function:



         There also have another case that C SDK code can download file from ThingWorx repository when I  delete the twcfg.max_message_size adn file_xfer_block_size and using the default value(8000bytes), it can download file which is not very large.

         Hope everyone who know what's wrong with it tell me anything!!