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    Reindex on datatable not implemented

    Hi, i have a datatable with 150.000 rows. I noticed that the time for querying rows is increasing by increasing rows number. Now is about 15 seconds to query 150.000 total row with 4 filters and result is about 15 rows.

    In that table i have 3 primary keys(Date,MachineID,subID) I see that a service called "Reindex" needs of "index" in configuration inside datatable options. I've created this index on machineID and Date but when i test it with test button thingworx says:

    Unable to Invoke Service Reindex on fermatedatatable_bck : com.thingworx.exceptions.NotImplementedException: Not Implemented

    What does it mean ? Do my version of thingworx not support this function ? how can i reindex my datatable for increase query speed ?