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    ThingWorx Analytics 30 days trial

    Posted on behalf of Ivan:




    I would ask you a little help in order to fix my issue.

    I would like to start to use the Thingworx Analytics in cloud by launching the 30days trial of TW Analytics Server available in the usual link https://developer.thingworx.com/dashboard.

    Clicking on the "launch analytics server" button, it returns me a page related to "Analytics Server API Guide" , so I am not able to verify if the server is actually launched or not.


    Furthermore, I have tried to download the Thingworx Analytics Extension from the MarketPlace in order to import it in the Thingworx Foundation Server (the trial version of 30 days) but, differently from all the other extensions used, I am not able to download it, since the system returns me the message "Your session is expired".

    Actually I cannot figure out the reason why I cannot download it, even if my intent would be just to use the trial version, so I do not think I should pay for it.


    Could someone help me in solving these two issues, please? Any suggestions?


    Thank you in advance,


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        Hi Ivan


        The 30 days trial for ThingWorx Analytics does indeed opened the interactive API guide.

        This UI allows you to execute REST call to ThingWorx Analytics as you would do with any other REST client hence providing the same functionality.


        Regarding the ThingWorx Analytics extension, they are indeed accessible to entitled customers only.

        However you can trial the extension if you start  a 30 days Trail for ThingWorx in the dashboard (in addition to the ThingWorx Analytics).

        the Analytics extension is provided in this ThingWorx trial, simply open the mashup TW.Analytics.ConsoleMainMashup


        Kind regards