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    mhassan Newbie

    Thingworx REST Call not working with a different browser, as well as Python

    Basically, I'm trying to demo by connecting an ultrasonic sensor to my local H2 based Thingworx Copy.

    When running Thingworx on localhost on Chrome, On a new tab, If I try to run this URL below to run service which sets the value of my Ultrasonic Sensor:-



    Then it works and mashup also updates.

    However, if I try to run the same link with another browser, it doesnt work. Also, if I try to run this same link  with Python using requests.post("http://localhost:8080/Thingworx/Things/UltraSonicSensor/Services/setDistance?appKey=6cc0dd07-c78a-4548-9109-b2c9cbe7298e…"), It still doesn't work.


    Please help.