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    How to create and show a region on google map widget

    I am quite sure I can find an example somewhere in the support but I looked for without success.

    I want to create an area by clicking locations on google map widget and that this area is visible on the map.

    I've seen there is the possibility to bind a region but maybe I'm doing something wrong.

    I have a ThingTemplate with 10 things, each thing has a location property, I want those 10 locations set a region.

    If I load the GetImplementingThingsWithData service and bind AllData to RegionData, I can't see my region.


    Another thing I would like to do is make the user define a new region by clicking a certain number of points on the map which will set the perimeter of the area.


    Is there anyone who could explain me this? Or also could give me a link with a document I can read?