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    Selected row input from Editable grid

    I have got a grid of 4 columns with 4th column as editable text.But when trying to pass that value (from editable column) as input to next service,I'm getting old value not the updated one.


    Is there any other way to bind that editable value as input to other sevices?

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        aanjan Heavyweight Champ

        Tarun, are you using the 'EditedTable' Infotable as input for your service? If not, any changes you make on the cell/ column will not get reflected as the (editable) Grid merely displays the data from your service.

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            tnayyar Creator




            I have editable grid with some editable columns.And passing "editable" property of this grid widget to the Input parameters of another service,which will further provide input to execute a SQL stored procedure.


            A new service accepting this Editable infotable as input and using loop,breaking into single inputs and passed to third service (using "me." ) where SQL stored procedure gets executed.But I'm getting no result.

            "SQL didn't return a result set" error is thrown.


            seems,single inputs from this edtable infotable is not getting passed to SQL stored procedure service.