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    Regarding Custom Authenticator




    I want to get temporary application key generated for each user authenticates in custom authenticator. Because, i want to connect to thingworx using node js with rest calls.

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        pchung Collaborator

        What is the reason why this needs to be a temporary key?

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            tayyasamy Explorer

            Hi Pai Chung,

            I have a different requirement for doing SSO with Thingworx and Active Directory.

            My requirement is,

            I have two instances of thingworx and mode of communication to thingworx is through rest calls through node js and active directory is configured.

            I am giving my requirement in points.

            1. I need to get username and password from Node JS Login Custom HTML Page.

            2. Then, i need to send username and password to some authenticators, which should authenticate my username and it has to come back as response.

            (Here, i tried creating custom authenticator and getting validated user, but in response i could not what to send whether sessionid, applicationkey for currently authenticated user, or success message).

            3. After getting response, i need to make calls to thingworx from node js until user clicks Logout button in my nodejs application.

            4. If user clicks on logout button, i need to logout my session in active directory and in thingworx as well, if some session is maintained there.

            I found some docs in support.ptc.com and i am trying to understand but i need so much clarifications on whether i am doing correct.

            My clarifications are,

            1. Whether my approach is correct, if i thingworx custom authenticator to authenticate and logout sessions of active directory.

            2. If you accept first point, then i know how to send authenticate request to custom authenticator, but i does not know how to send logout url request.