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    SetPropertyValues in Custom Authenticator

    One quick question if any can answer immediately if possible.


    I am following this link for authenticator, https://support.ptc.com/appserver/cs/view/solution.jsp?n=CS244163&lang=en_US


    Thing SSOThing = (Thing)EntityUtilities.findEntityDirect("SSOThing", ThingworxRelationshipTypes.Thing);

    SSOThing.setPropertyValue("KeyName", new StringPrimitive(userName));

    This code snippet i am trying to use in my custom authenticator also, inside authenticate function to update property, but i am getting error like,


    "com.thingworx.common.exceptions.InvalidRequestException: Not authorized for PropertyWrite on KeyName in SSOThing" and no user name is displayed in the Logs for the custom authenticator.