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    Pilot program experiences can no longer be viewed

    I created a experience and cannot seem to view it anymore.  I should also mention this was part of the pilot program.  Data was published and I had one other person view the experience on their own, independent device about two weeks ago. ERROR: ThingWorx Experience Service Connection Error.  I wanted to share it with some others and it no longer worked.  I have reloaded the viewer to no avail. 

    Guidance anyone? 

    I have also posted this question to the developer community (Not sure where the best place is to get an answer).  I would really like to share the end result with a few people.

    Thank you,


    experience server: nok2dtq5.pp.vuforia.io

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        tjoseph-2 Explorer

        Hi Tim


        Not sure why the error is. I ma running pilot program and its working fine


        May be uninstall and install the application again?




        Taju Joseph

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            tjoseph-2 Explorer

            Wondering the below will help


            Close all the ThingWorx Studio project related files, directories etc., As keeping few files open might conflict with the application.

            • Reset/Clear the Browser Cache.
            • Make sure the username/password are correct.
            • Validate the status of the Experience Service by sending a request to the Experience Service URL
            • Make sure the 3000 port isn't blocked or being used by another process.
              • If being blocked, check the running service on that port and kill that process.

            For Studio Pilot program customers:

            • Do not change the actual password provided by PTC in the Welcome email
            • Studio doesn't recommend accessing/publishing experiences from a private network with proxy settings. Access the application from a non-corporate, public or home networks.
            • For proxy configs, Navigate to Studio home, in the top-right corner click on the "...", Select Settings from the drop-down and configure the Proxy Server URL and credentials.
            • Also, please check with your corresponding IT department to allow the Experience server IP address.
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            tmclellan Explorer

            Still no luck!  Has PTC shut down this server?


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              dupatel Communicator

              Hi Timothy,


              Just wanted to know if your issue got resolved or you are still facing connection error. Could you please confirm on below if the issue still persists :

              >Your Vuforia/Thingworx Studio account Name

              > Start Date when your instance got created

              > Date from when you started facing issue


              There could be a possibility that your Pilot account got expired due to which you are observing issues.



              Durgesh Patel

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                  tmclellan Explorer


                  It is my understanding that my pilot account has expired and my instance was removed (Account Name: Mobius).  I had published one really cool experience I was able to spend a bit of time on (used only 3 of the 100 viewmarks).   It was my understanding from the pilot that published material would remain viewable.  I guess not.


                  To be honest I find PTC's approach to trying to build a community both confusing and disappointing. 

                  • Why and what is the difference between the Pilot and Developer programs?
                  • Where can I find this clearly outlined on the PTC site?
                  • Loosing access to Studio and the ability to publish after the pilot will cause community members looking to advance as the technology matures to pursue other options (Unity, ARtools, Siemens, etc.).  Will it not?
                  • Why doesn't the Pilot program align with usage/access to the developer program?


                  I am extremely busy with other projects but wanted to stay engaged with this technology.  I truly hope I just missed something.

                  Reference data points:

                  Developers appear to have access to 100 Viewmarks (and a limited number of views) at no cost.   I really wanted to post my example (after I have a couple people look at it).  I did ask the question what happens after the pilot ended  – no response.


                  Thank you,


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                  lpurdy Explorer



                  We appreciate you reaching out about this server issue.  The ThingWorx Studio pilot period is indeed 120 days in duration.  As you are now aware, your pilot subscription of 120 days has expired.  Your PTC sales rep is the best person to review options on how to go forward with ThingWorx Studio. 


                  There are four communications that are sent as pilot participants near the end of their subscription period, with a link to PTC Sales to explore next steps.


                  - 4 weeks before expiration

                  - 2 weeks before expiration

                  - 1 week before expiration

                  - At expiration


                  If these communications did not reach you, please let us know so that we can address that gap!



                  Liz Purdy

                  Director, PTC Support Services