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    Can't access Experience Service proxy settings



    Currently with ThingWorx View, the app prompts for my PTC credentials each time I launch my ThingWorx experience. I'd like to share the experience with others so I would like to remove the credential prompt.


    I'm currently following the steps outlined in the "Configuring Public Access to ThingWorx" help article:



    I'm having issues with steps 4 and 5:

    4. Navigate to the Administrative Console for the Experience Service.

    5. Edit the ThingWorx proxy settings and set the anonymous application key parameter so that it equals the keyId property for the application key that was created in Step 3.


    When I navigate to my Experience Service settings page (https://xxxxx.pp.vuforia.io/ExperienceService/ui/#/settings), I see a page that says "Sorry! No settings available"


    How can I complete these steps? Any help would be appreciated.