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    how to get data from infotable ?

    I want to get data from infotable ,for example , an infotable have two column and with lots of data, the columns are "date" and "temperature", I want to get the temperature in the time "2017-01-14 PM02:30:00"  ,then bind the data to one thing's property , what should i do ?

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        supandey Ninja

        Hello Xiang,

        I suppose you looking to filter the InfoTable, check the Find function for InfoTable it should allow you to get the row(s) as per your defined criteria



        var myFuzzyObj = new Object();


        //defining the value against which I will run the Find function on InfoTable

        myFuzzyObj.col1 =123;



        //using Find function to look for the first row that matches my required criteria;



        Of course there are bunch of other Filter options that you can apply to your InfoTable, try this Getting to Know InfoTables.pdf


        Hope this helps.