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    bryan Explorer

    Enhancement Request - Improve "mating" connection of Thingmark to the 3D Model

    I experienced this a couple times and I've been working with PTC software for 19 years...so I have good intuition as to what a bug is versus intended functionality!  And this feels like a bug.


    I used mate to position my Thingmark to the 3D model.  Later, I added a 3D label widget and previewed my experience to find out that my Thingmark was now randomly placed out in space away from the 3d model.  My Canvas still showed the Thingmark located on the 3D model correctly.  I saved project...exit Thingworx studio and then reopened my project to see that the Thingmark was now placed incorrectly like the preview previously showed. 


    My request is to ensure that the transform position of the 3d model with respect to the transform position of the thingmark be VERY sticky.


    Other users - Please reply or add comments if you experience a similar issue.  I don't want to waste PTC's tech support or developers time if I'm the only one experiencing this.