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    magrawal Apprentice

    Improve performance of thingworx internal postgreSQL above  500GB storage



    I am using thingworx internal postgreSQL hosted by ptc cloud services to store both model data and device data.
    With the article Where Should I Store My Thingworx Data? it is clear to me that there is no limit of storage with postgres also it performs better upto 500GB.

    In my use case I can't purge or delete records so I suspect at some point 500GB limit will reach then what would be the options for me to better the performance?
    I don't want to change persistence provider, I am good with postgreSQL so please suggest me a way "How should I manage my db so the performance of queries result better even with high volume of data". I m working with 3000 devices, I have used single data table for single device. I am using data tables because I am receiving relational data. There is no real time data.

    I also looked at federation concept, where I supposed to use 2 twx instances where I wanted 1 will act as primary server and 2nd will work as secondary storage. but I am not very clear with federation concept. I tried to implement it with 2 trial instance having same version but failed to connect them.


    Any help would be appreciated.