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    Issue with TWX services and Styles in ThingWorx Studio



    I have a strange issue involving ThingWorx services and the STYLES area in ThingWorx Studio.


    I created a service in ThingWorx to modify some properties using inputs from ThingWorx Studio, I loaded the service in Studio, linked the inputs with the service parameters and the result with a label in Studio to see the result, the service works using the preview the first time.


    The issue starts when I move from the VIEWS area to the STYLES area in Studio, the links I did with the services properties disappears and I need to link them again to have the service working in the Preview.


    There is no specific issue I can notice in the twx-studio.log, I tried to re-install Studio and the issue persist.

    Not sure if I’m missing something or is a bug in the application.


    Any information would be very helpful.



    Felix Guerra

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        giri Communicator

        Felix Guerra, This looks very strange, Did you try publishing the experience before moving to VIEWS area or Styles area? Also, do you see the same issue in multiple projects? Or is it with a specific project?



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            fguerra Explorer

            Hi Giri,


            I have the same issue with any of my projects.


            What I'm doing now is creating the 2D layout then create the STYLES and add the connections to TWX at the very end and then publish, but if I want to change the label colors, size or something the connections just disappear.


            It is strange indeed because only the connections with the properties part of the service brakes, the connection with the result and the trigger to run the service remains.


            Let me know your comments.