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    Need help figuring out web methods that would query WTDocument, WTPart and DescribeBy Link on Windchill Extension and Break the JSON back in ThingWorx

    Hi Guys,


    I have connected to Windchill to ThingWorx7.1 using Windchill connector. I created new service within ptc-windchill-demo-thing. In my current service I'm traversing JSON to read the objects and display them in fragments in my tree grid. I'm able to query WTDocument and read all of its attributes. So far so good. Now I need to query WTPart and also read the associated (DescribeBy) WTDocument. Any idea if there is any OOTB method available which will query this information? Also, any similar OOTB JS that would read the JSON back and bundle the associations? Appreciate any input you may have. Thanks!