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    fmanniti Creator

    Create a template for mashups

    Hi, I would like to know if is there some thing like templates for mashups.

    If I have 3 mashups which have a lot of common features (like layout, background color, styles...) is it possible to create a sort of template so, if I want to change the common features, I can only do it once instead of each time?

    I've seen there is something like mashup templates and shapes but I didn't get how they work and if they are for this purpose

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        jkaczynski-2 Creator

        Hello Fabio Manniti,


        Yes, it is called Master - you can then create the common layout sections (e.g. header, sidebar).



        The layout can be choosen when creating a new Master entity:




        Then all you need to remember is to go to you mashup and set the Master in the Mashup properties.





        From the perspective of styles, background colors and so - no, there is no OOTB possibility to configure that since StyleDefinition parameters are not boundable in widgets.


        Hope it helps.




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          carlesc Heavyweight Champ

          Hi Fabio,


          There isn't mashup templates, but you can "componetize" mashups and embed mashups inside mashups with the "Contained Mashup" widged and parametrize this Embeded mashups as to change features.