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    pbaierl Creator

    Special Characters in browser tabs

    I am trying to get the following to work in my application.


    The issue I am having is that the ® is being converted to %AE in the URL then the mashup fails to load because there isn't a mashup with the name Reflector%AE


    Is there a way to actually make this work as I am hoping?


    If I manually edit the browser and convert the %AE back to ® the mashup loads correctly.

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        jkaczynski-2 Creator

        Hello Paul Baierl,


        As you probably noticed, it's not recommended to use such special characters in the names of entities at all.

        Just to test it, I've created a mashup with the trademark sign in the name. If I replaced the trademark sign with '%25C2%25AE', the URL is working.

        OOTB Thingworx redirection (e.g. via Navigation widget) are working fine by default.




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          pbaierl Creator

          Thanks for getting back to me Jakub.


          Yes, I realize this isn't recommended.  I was asked if it was possible and wanted to make sure I had all of the information before reporting back to the project manager.


          Thanks again,