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    How to set a Timer in mashup

    Hello Everyone  ,  I  need to create a web page ( Mashup )  , it contains a grid widget  which source is more than 1000 items , I wanna set very page teen items . End users can set  how long the page auto scroll to the next page on   the mashup , and when all the items are been shown (The last Page) ,  the web page auto  redirect to  other webpage .In the traditional way of page development , we can use javasrcipt timer to Implement it ,  but  in  Tingworx , who can help me to implement  it  , appreciate any help  , Thanks  . BTW ,  I'm not good at English , so if I have any description is not clear, please point out .

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        Hi Jia Liang,


        As per my understanding of your request you would like to build a mashup in Thingworx having looks and functionality of Traditional Webpage. So, to build different feature there are couple of built in widgets which could be used to have a similar looks and functionalities. Some of the widgets which is recommended to be checked out are - Navigation ( to redirect pages) , Menu, List, etc.


        Also, in Grid widget property there is option to set ScrollTop which can used as per requirement.



        You can refer the below community post and go to Thingworx Widget video sections for details: ThingWorx Video Tutorials



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            Hello  Durgesh,


                   With your help, I have achieved most of the functionality, but  I still have an issue. 

                    I  use  an AutoRefresh widget and a  custom service (The service just accumulates and return a number,  the resulting number is  bind to the ScrollTop )to make the page scroll down every  ten seconds, everything is OK, but I wanna do some action  when the page has scrolled to the bottom (can't scroll down anymore ). I don't know how to make the service know the page has scrolled to the bottom if you have some idea, please help me , thanks .

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                Every service has event that is invoked when the invokation is finished - ServiceInvokeCompleted. If you need to chain any action after your service, it's a good place to start. The rest depends on your needs and what do you want to achieve.


                To find this evet, just click on your service in the Mashup Builder - in the right bottom pane there are service properties and so the event,