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    Enhancement Request - Enable User to preselect Fidelity of Published PVZ file - Reduces Load / Increases Performance

    The cad optimizer process outputs 3 different fidelity variants of the PVZ file - Low, Medium and High.  The processing power and time to execute all three can be excessive with large PVZ's (300-400MB).  I'm proposing that a popup menu or preselect functionality for the user is made visible to select the fidelity they want when adding resources to Studio.  This may require more predefined recipe files to be stored or created, but I think it would be worthwhile for the user. 


    My use case is as follows.  For one project I'm trying to process a full truck - I know that I will only want the low fidelity file.  The next project, I'm working with an intake screen where I know that I will only want the high fidelity variant because it has lots of features.  Don't make the user manage the recipe files!