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    iguerra Newbie

    Responsive layout with fixed row height ?

    I would make a smartphone mashup with responsive layout

    I insert in the page a vertical layout with many rows (no header or footer), 10 for example, and in each row there are labels buttons etc ....

    I would like to have those rows with a fixed height, in order to have max 3 rows in the smartphone screen and I would scroll up-down with smartphone browser.

    It seems impossible ... rows of vertical layout has only percentual height parameter so all the 10 rows are shown in a single page (too small for my needs)


    Is there a solution ?


    (the best would be the possibility to specify pixel height OR the percentual height ... or differently have a mashup only_width_responsive)


    I have TWX 7.0.1b




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        jamesm Creator

        This is a bit hacky, but I am assuming you want each row to be a unique mashup (so a normal repeater setup wont work) -- you could still do this with a repeater widget,  however. You would need to create an infotable that represents 1-10 mashup names, create 10 sub mashups, 1 for each row, and one Repeater mashup which takes in a mashup parameter mashupName and just put a contained mashup in it thatt is bound to mashupName. On the repeater in the main mashup, configure the repeater widget to repeat the Repeater mashup and pass in the infotable with the list of mashup names, then set the fixedMashupHeight property accordingly. This will repeat the sub Repeater mashup N time and the contained mashup for each row will display the corresponding mashup.