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    Is there a way to access response headers from a GetJSON() call in a service?

    I'm working with an external service where I request a csrf token via request header and the service returns the token in the response headers.  I can't see how to access the response headers in my Thing service.


    For example, here's the call to GetJSON:


    var params = {

        headers: {'x-csrf-token' : 'fetch'} /* JSON */,

    ignoreSSLErrors: true /* BOOLEAN */,
    url: me.baseURL /* STRING */,
    password: me.password /* STRING */,
    username: me.userId /* STRING */



    // result: JSON

    var result = Resources["ContentLoaderFunctions"].GetJSON(params);


    I can see my request headers in the output if I logger.warn(JSON.stringify(result)); (i.e.  {"headers":{"x-csrf-token":"fetch"}) but when I execute the same GET from POSTMAN and look at the response headers, I see the other system's returned value for x-csrf-token.


    Is there a way to access the response headers in a service?



    Steve Ashley