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    mnudel Apprentice

    What is the maximum number of subscriptions I can use?

    In my application there are 300+ integer properties and each requires a subscription. I've created 300+ subscriptions in XML and imported the shape. After I opened "Subscriptions" section in the composer, the platform took too long to respond thus killing my browser session. Next time, after a very long wait I managed to open "Subscriptions" page and found all of my subscriptions. Clearly it takes a long time to render the page since the XML file is quite large.


    1. What are the limitations when it comes to "Subscriptions"?

    2. Is AddDynamicSubscription() service a better alternative? If so, how can I monitor active subscriptions?



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        jkaczynski-2 Creator

        Hi mnudel,


        I believe that only limitation is your Thingworx / Tomcat memory pool. If you increase the available memory, it should work better.


        However! - point one: 300 subscriptions is a lot if it comes to one Thing. Maybe a better alternative is to split them up for a few, related entities? It would probably work better if you have 6 Thing x 50 properties, related somehow (Networks?). Or so...

        However! - point two: The problems to show / render those subscriptions are from the browser side. It doesn't mean, that the subscriptions are invalid or don't work at all. The Platform can have a hiccup and require more memory, but it should work anyway.


        What's more - I don't think that AddDynamicSubscription() will make a big difference in the overall picture.