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    jkaczynski-2 Creator

    ImportUserPermissions: Permissions disappear after Tomcat restart

    Hello Developers,


    Recently I've encountered the issue when using ImportUserPermissions on CollectionFunctions: they are getting imported with no problem, permissions are set, but it seems that Thingworx keeps them in memory and do not persist. So after restarting the Tomcat, permissions are lost and needs to be imported again.


    I've tried to find any information that this behavior is expected, but it seems, that no - this is rather unwanted.


    Tested on Thingworx 7.2.3-b48 with PostgreSQL and Thingworx 7.2.4-b46 with H2.


    Could anyone provide an input if the behavior is repeatable, if it is a bug and if there is any workaround? I know, that I can create a subscription that imports the permission file everytime the Platform is restarted, but it's rather not... subtle.

    Moving a lot of custom permissions on Resources / Subsystems / etc. manually also is not the best option. But if there's no other possibility...;-)