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    Parsley Parser


    I have just noticed that new extension is out.

    JSON Parser Parsley this time.


    Does anyone know what are the benefits using this extension compare to traditional way of having json object in JSON property a accessing individual nodes through dots or square brackets?




    var resultJson = me.getResultsAsJson();

    var lastTimestamp = resultJson.timestamp;

    me.lastTestDateTime = parseDateISO(lastTimestamp);

    // choose only DATA

    var arr = resultJson.data;


    and so on...

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        ttielebein Collaborator

        It looks like with this new extension, you can give the ParseJSON service a format through which to read the datetime (so you don't have to give it in milliseconds now, though you still could). You can also give it a data shape and it will return an info table with that data shape, so that's neat because there are all kinds of cool manipulations you can do to info tables which you can't do for just strings of json, and it's all automatic.