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    vaniruddha Newbie

    response.Content = null

    I am trying to make c# call to thingworx using http client with url:


    I am able to get property value in to response object. but when I use it like, value = response.content.Tostring()

    it is showing content is null.


    Please help me how to get the property value into my c# value field.

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        ttielebein Collaborator

        How are you making this REST call? Are you configuring it as a GET or a POST? This particular rest call is a GET, and the syntax should look like this:




        replace each < ... > with the relevant information from your environment. Your appKey is a parameter while your property name is not. If you were doing a POST, and the property name was a parameter also, then you would put the ? before the property name and leave the ampersand & as it is written.