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    Read and Write data from/to OPC Client

    I am able to make the connection between ThigWorx and OPC client (KEPServerEX 6 Configuration), but iam not able to fetch the data from the OPC.

    ihave created a channel, within the channel ihave created a device and inside the device ihave created two tags which hastag name, address, Data type, scan rate and scaling. After "launch OPC Quick client" from tools- OPC Quick client will be launched where the created tags are displayed with all the details such as ItemId, DataType,Value,Timestamp, Quality and updateCount.

    Inthe ThingWorx Composerihave imported the extension KEPServer, and created the Thing "KEPServerEX" which include the default template "RemoteKEPServerExThing" and by using the default service "BrowseItem"iam able to view all the tags, butiam not able to add any tags from ThingWorx to OPC.


    I want to fetch all the tags created in OPC and map those tags to a property in thingworx, so that iam able to control/set the values of those tags.