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    the other DB

    Hi all,


    I know that ThingWorx support 3 DB(hana/h2/PostgreSQL)

    So I was curious about it. I can choose the other DB?

    ex) Maria DB


    Thanks advanced.

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        polinao Ninja



        The only databases currently supported are h2, postgresql,  DSE. You may contact an external sql database with a jdbc driver. Please refer to the support page for documentation and system requirements.

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          supandey Ninja

          Jeongeun, just adding to what Polina said, so those are the only available Persistence Provider DBs currently supported. However, since ThingWorx allows you connect to some other RDBMS using Relational Databases Connectors via JDBC for RDBMs like Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, MS SQL etc as extenal datastore for your data, for which BTW you might have to write the services to leverage it. You can check blog post How to configure Oracle 12c's Pluggable Database as External DataStorage for ThingWorx for sample services created, though the blog is for Oracle, you can use similar concept for other external RDBMS


          There is one more option for 3rd party JDBC which you can test, though the extension is provided "as-is" and support is not extended via ThingWorx, but if you want you can test with JDBC from Maria Db using the JDBC Connector Extension, also available from ThingWorx Marketplace


          Hope this helps.