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    dbologna Apprentice

    wrong data packet processed into vale stream


    Client and Server are in different timezone. The client is 4 minutes and 20 second ahead

    I used Thingworx 7.2.0-b155 + Neo4j on sandbox PTC


    I sent the following data packets to thing by REST API in Thingworx (these data was stored in value stream)


    When I get these properties (from the value stream) using QueryPropertyHistory I look the following data for the packet with counter 136


    and for the packet with counter 148

    As you can see from the picture some of the packets are “duplicated”.

    I Don’t understand if this problem is due to :

    1. Wrong Data extracted by QueryPropertyHistory
    2. Wrong Data Stored into database Neo4j




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        sbalta Apprentice

        Dimitri Bologna, might be this:

        QueryPropertyHistory returns a data set created by querying each logged property on a thing and then combining the individual datasets into one big data set. A "row" is created for each time stamp in the individual data sets. If there is a logged value with that time stamp, it is entered in the row of the data set. If there is no logged value, the last logged value for that property is used. If there is no logged property; the entry is left blank.

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            dbologna Apprentice

            Many Thanks Sbalta.

            Ok, If I well understood how the service QueryPropertyHistory works, the problem seems to be the data packet storing into the server.

            I need to understand why the row into db are written with the same server timestamp while I sent that the packets with different client timestamp (30 sec between).

            Could this be due to the short time between the packets , 30 seconds delay?