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    Observe Thingworx Property Change with Java SDK

    Hi all,


    I'd like to observe a specific property of my Thingworx Thing via Java SDK. Therefore I've created a Thingworx Client, which is connected to Thingworx. After this, I've created a Virtual Thing with my Thingname and added a propertyChangeListener. Unfortunately, the listener does not get fired, as soon as I change the property in Thingworx. Does anyone know where's the problem or where to find an example for this?


    Here's my Code Snippet:

    ClientConfigurator config = new ClientConfigurator();





    try {

      TwxClient client = new TwxClient(config);


      boolean isConnected = client.waitForConnection(30000);


      System.out.println("Client is connected:"+isConnected);


      String thingName = "ThingWatcherThing";

      VirtualThing thing = new VirtualThing(thingName, "", thingName, client);

      thing.addPropertyChangeListener(new VirtualThingPropertyChangeListener() {



         public void propertyChangeEventReceived(VirtualThingPropertyChangeEvent event) {

            Property property = event.getProperty();

            String name = property.getPropertyDefinition().getName();

            if(name.equals("TestProp") == false){





      } );




    } catch (Exception e1) {




    So, where's the problem? Is ist the correct approach?


    Many Greets, Korbinian