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    Transparent geometry becoming "see through"

    Hi All,


    I've had this happen with a couple of models now and was wondering if anyone else is observing the same thing.


    I have some models with transparent glass parts in them and when published to an experience, some of the glass parts (but not all) do this strange thing where they become "see through".  The screenshots show what I mean.


    Here's the model in the Studio editor.  The cameras have a glass element at the front of each lens.



    And when I view the experience:



    As you can see, the lenses have become completely see through, like they create a window through the model, but they don't cut through everything, as you can see the mounting frame.


    I can fix the problem by creating model elements for each of the lenses and then changing their colour and setting their opacity, but I'm trying to understand why it happens and why only for some parts and not others.  Attached is the PVZ file for reference.


    Many thanks,