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    Using Java SDK in OSGI project

    I am developping an OSGI bundle in Eclipse environment that uses the Java Edge SDK to publish data in Thingworx Cloud. I import all the jar files from the library inside my project and generate a jar containing everything. It works fine when I run it from Eclipse but when I deploy the bundle to my target it fails on the following error:


    2017-02-07 09:02:41,504 [Client-EndpointMonitor-1] INFO  c.t.c.c.e.m.ConnectivityMonitorTask - Endpoint not connected [name: EP_0, id: 0]. Attempting [re]connect...

    2017-02-07 09:02:41,507 [Client-EndpointMonitor-1] INFO  c.t.c.c.e.ClientCommunicationEndpoint - Needed to refill connections on client endpoint [id: 0] : [active: 0, max: 1]

    2017-02-07 09:02:42,548 [Client-EndpointMonitor-1] INFO  c.t.c.c.e.ClientCommunicationEndpoint - Preparing new Connection Authentication Request: DispatchingClientEndpoint [id: 0, isConnected: false, open connections: 0, max connections: 1]

    2017-02-07 09:02:42,633 [NettyClient-NIO-1] ERROR c.t.c.c.c.n.ThingworxClientConnectionHandler - WebSocket error: Invalid Protocol Version [71], closing connection!


    I found a message in the community speaking of that:

    Thingworx Java Edge SDK connection error


    but I cannot find which additional package needs to be exposed in my project to fix this issue.


    Many thanks for your help