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    Thingworx bundled with Thingworx studio throwing error.


    I am trying to use the thingworx bundled with the Thingworx studio program. I want to create a timer to trigger service. Everything done properly but since there is error coming up in logs so i think it not triggering timer.


    CRITICAL ERROR: EventRouter is over capacity - events being rejected Task com.thingworx.system.subsystems.eventprocessing.EventInstance@6feb1b8 rejected from com.thingworx.common.utils.MonitoredThreadPoolExecutor@49690819[Running, pool size = 500, active threads = 500, queued tasks = 200000, completed tasks = 0]






    Is there anyway i can use my own Thingworx with Thingworx studio? I can see there is extension also deployed on the bundled Thingworx. Where i can get this? Its not available in market place