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    Axeda gateway - polling different snmp tables at different intervals

    I am trying to configure the Axeda gateway (using Builder) to configure a device model that has multiple snmp tables. My goal is to to have table to be polled at 1 minute intervals, and the other tables at 5 minute intervals.


    I added one SNMP data source with a 1 minute polling interval. This is the 'hybrid' SNMP driver that is event-driven, and I named it 'snmp-minute'.


    I added a second data source. I can't use the 'hybrid' SNMP driver. If I do so, and deploy that to my test gateway, it complains that I can only have a single event-driven driver. So I had to add that one as an EDD driver, for EEDDSNMPDriver, and configured it as "polling' with a poll interval of 5 minutes. I named it 'snmp-5-minute'.


    Now I added the first snmp table, and configured the 'snmp-minute' data source for it.


    When I add a second snmp table, I need to configure the 'snmp-5-minute' data source to it, but that one is not available in the dropdown, only the 'snmp-minute' one is there.


    How can I achieve my goal of having different polling intervals for different snmp tables in one Model?