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    jasong Creator

    Collection Level Events

    Are there or have there ever been any plans for collection level events?


    We already have the SecurityMonitor for Login events, which is fantastic (and also, something I think I asked for way back in 4.0), but I'd love to see an EntityMonitor thing with events like




    EntityMonitor.ThingDeleted() (somehow magically running within transaction so that we could bail on the delete if warranted.)

    Similarly, that pattern for all EntityTypes would likely be helpful for someone. For me, that would be

    Things, Users, ThingShapes, ThingTemplates would be the most helpful.

    Has anyone thought about this? Is there a JIRA in there waiting for customer endorsement? If so, mark me down as a vote for yes.

    I do suspect this is not that interesting of an idea for traditional Twx developers, but for extension developers, we may be interested in what our developers/users are doing, this seems like a no brain-er to have as an option, but maybe I am not thinking hard enough or am not aware about the negative consequences of this.

    Alternatively, rather than a single thing with a ton of events (3 x ThingworxEntityTypes.values().length) the ThingTemplate could be called EntityMonitorTemplate and have a config table (or single property?) that lets you set a a ThingWorxEntityTypes enum value to choose the Collection type they want.

    And have events: